Devi Pavarti (devi_pavarti) wrote in organic_babies,
Devi Pavarti

This is such a great idea!

I'm really excited about this community. Thank you so much.

My husband used to work for the Organic Trade Association. He worked there for quite a few years and eventually we just couldn't eat regular food anymore. It's too expencive to maintain a full Organic Diet where we live, but we do only Organic Dairy and try to do Organic Veggies, Fruits and Meats as often as we can. When we got pregnant I started eating almost exclusively Organic and now that Fionna is starting Solid Foods we only give her Organics. So far that's just Rice Cereal and Bananas but soon it will be even more.

I'm excited about swaping recipes/coupons and suggestions wtih solids.
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