Devi Pavarti (devi_pavarti) wrote in organic_babies,
Devi Pavarti

In response to the Anti-Breastfeeding Campaigns

Some of us are putting together a petition for Oprah to do a show on the benifits of Breastfeeding and on the Realities of being a mother in 2004. It is harder and harder for us to get quality medical care and support for the one thing we can do to encourage our children's health - in all respects.

This is not about extended breastfeeding or about the dangers/badness of formula. This is simply about the positive effects of breastfeeding and the difficulties we face due to community and medical ignorance. Please, if you Breastfed for 1 day or 1 year, 3 months or 33 months, consider writing to Oprah about why you think this is an important issue that merits time on her show.

Oprah single handedly reaches and influences more women in America then any other forum. This is the way to be heard. Let's get the positive and supportive message out there; Breastfeeding is important and Natural and ALL women can do this, for however long is right for them!
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