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So I thought I'd have a Pepsi and a peanut butter cookie to reward myself for coming in to work today when I really want to be with my baby...

And of course the whole time I was drinking it I just kept thinking "This is corn syrup, water and artificial junk. Why am I putting this in my body? Do I want my son to drink this through my breastmilk?"

So I ended up not enjoying my 'treat' at all. I guess I've finally become a mom, eh?

I'm so happy to have found this community! What a great idea.
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my addiction is dr pepper i eat an organic veggie diet ,but i allow myself 1 dr pepper a week ,i find a happy mom is also healthier for my baby ,but at the same time my lil one is 9 mo so she is nursing a lot less. but i try not to let guilt take away my enjoyment of my treaat ,trying is what counts we don't have to be nazi's about everything.indulgence is good for the soul ,but not everything is ok in moderation .it could be a worse treat ,you could hit the bars or smoke or do drugs the fact that you are trying your best for your lil one is what matters. besides they make organic cookies so next time allow the pepsi ,but eat a homemade or organic cookie and limit the pepsi to when you really want it.